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Bang & Olufsen (V/A) - Verkligheten I Detalj (LP)


The Danish hi-fi sound system company Bang & Olufsen released a number of records as advertisement during the 70's & 80s; usually in small quantities. This product was intended for the Swedish market, and features one side full of spoken instructions on how hi-fi works, complete with audio examples of airplanes wooshing by in stereo. On the other side however, we're treated to an odd collection of tracks by various Swedish artists. Here is where we find the elsewhere unreleased "Minnen" credited to Anders Rinnan, an obscure guitarist and head of the little known Pan Trio (who are the players on this track). "Minnen" is an organic folk jazz composition with a minimal setting of bass, flute and guitar. The sublime melancholy of this amazing track might not appeal to everyone, but if you like your jazz quiet and contemplative then this is your jam. Also of note is a live recording of the band Hot Salsa performing their 8+ minute disco AOR stomper "Disco Baby".