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Grannens Förflutna - Strategi Gul/Utvandring (12")


Hidden away in the quiet woods of Västergötland, like a darkness waiting to be awakened, we came upon the one record to rule them all. Produced by the 18-year old Filip Lundqvist in the small town of Karlsborg, the project known as Grannens Förflutna (translates to: The Neighbour's Past) was the result of an avid interest in synthesizers and a true DIY spirit.

Together with two friends and the help of a local music store, they decided to record and release a record. The story behind that record can now finally be told, and the few surviving deadstock copies finally be sold. Read the full story in our Articles-section.

These records are in mint condition and have been safely stored & unplayed for 31 years. They are however slightly warped, but not so much as to effect play. Sound clips from one of these copies can be found below.